All Our Good Wishes for Christmas and Yaldo Holidays …

We extend our most sincere season’s greetings to the Christian World and the Syriac people on the occasion of their Christmas (Feast of Holy Nativity) and Yaldo Holidays and the upcoming New Year. May the New Year bring peace, equality and freedom upon all…

We maintain and nurture our hope of being a country where no identity, culture, faith and mother tongue is considered superior to others, with all citizens living together under conditions of true equality. At this time when conflicts of sectarian and religious origin exacerbate throughout the world, we persist in our determination to build together with the Christian citizens of this country, a future where all people will live together in peace. 

May the Holidays reinforce our sense of brother/sisterhood and solidarity during these formidable days of war and conflict coming with huge humanitarian costs for all the various peoples and faiths in the Middle East.

Nimetullah Erdoğmuş
Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Board Member Responsible for Peoples and Faiths Commission
Diyarbakır Deputy
24 December 2016