1- September 6th 2015, ISTANBUL (KAGITHANE)- Sedat Akbas (21) was stabbed to death while waiting at a bus stop because, according to his attackers, “he was speaking Kurdish” on the phone.

2- September 6th 2015, MERSIN- Since the night of September 6th 2015, a group of people has been waylaying and attacking buses on the highway between Mersin and Antalya bound for the east and southeast of the country. Lawyers have been contacted and a criminal complaint is being prepared, there are a sufficient number of lawyers on the local level.

3- September 6th 2015, ARTVIN (HOPA)- On Sunday night a large crowd of people known to be directed by the Trabzon Idealist Hearths, attempted to attack and destroy the local Artvin Hopa chapter building and sign of the HDP. The party sign was damaged during the events. The Hopa district party executives filed a criminal complaint regarding the events of Sunday September 6, 2015 with video recordings as evidence.

4- September 7th 2015, SAKARYA- Party executives found out that the party building door was attacked and there was an attempt to forcefully enter the building. The executives reported the attack to the police for investigation. The attack happened when there was no one in the building. The necessary complaints have been made by the local branch of the party administration.

5- September 7th 2015, BALIKESIR- Around 1pm, a group of people attacked the party building while Elif Yavuz (who was responsible for the building at that time) Ayse Isik (MP candidate) were inside. They forcefully entered the building by breaking down the door. After physically attacking the women administrators, they tore up, destroyed, and threw official documents, computers, tvs and similar furniture out the window. While they were burning these documents and furniture downstairs, they also physically assaulted our MP candidate Bedri Arik who was informed and called to the scene by Ayse Isik. After the assaults, the criminal complaints were made to the Balikesir Anafartalar police station and reports assessing the damage were made. The attacks and assaults presumably took place because of the death of a soldier who was registered in Balikesir. The assailants continued to demonstrate within the city from approximately 4-5pm until approximately 6-7pm with chants such as “Damn the Kurds! Damn the HDP!”. The assaulted administrators were admitted to hospital and later discharged.

6- September 7th 2015, SAKARYA- During the hours of the night a large group of people gathered in front of the party building and forcefully attempted to enter the building until midnight. Later that night the party sign on the balcony of the provincial branch building was removed by people entering from the neighboring balcony. The assailants hung a significantly large Turkish flag from upstairs with the collaboration of the upstairs neighbor. The provincial branch administration of the party filed a complaint regarding the two people detained by the police on the grounds of assault.

7- September 7th 2015, MARAS (ELBİSTAN) – In Maras’ Elbistan district, around 8pm a group of about 200 ultra nationalists making the fascist wolf hand gesture attacked the DBP district branch building and hung a Turkish flag on top of the party sign. There is no executive provincial branch in Maras at present but there are congressional works. The party sign was removed by the assailants, and later that night a long convoy of cars was formed which passed through Kurdish neighborhoods chanting slogans. There have been threatening and hateful messages and comments on the provincial branch’s website since then.

8- September 7th 2015, ESKISEHIR- Between 08.30-09.00am, a group of 15-20 people gathered in front of the Eskisehir provincial branch building and chanted with police present. This group entered the apartment building where the provincial branch is located on the 7th floor together with two police officers. The group destroyed the steel door of the party office, entered through the hole they created, and destroyed all the furniture inside. They smashed the windows and threw out the cupboards. They attempted to burn the party flags. They left the building, leaving the gas tank on. A major disaster was prevented since there was no natural gas and the windows were broken which prevented any gas accumulation inside. When the group left the building the police began a siege because of which provincial branch executives couldn’t enter. When the executives managed to enter the party office they gave a press statement and filed a criminal complaint with lawyers against the assailants as well as the involved police officers at the prosecution office.

9- September 7th 2015, ISPARTA- Group of people organized through social media and local media demonstrated at the central market and made a press statement.

10- September 7th 2015, ISPARTA- The same group gathered again around 9pm and marched towards the party building and attacked the building with police present. With the crane that belongs to Isparta municipality, they removed the party sign. Some entered through the roof and by breaking down the steel door, and threw almost all of the furniture from the 4th floor window and burned them downstairs. Following that, fire broke out on the roof and it was extinguished hours later. The group’s car convoy continued to create tension on the streets of Isparta all night long.

11- September 7th 2015, ISPARTA- The situation is dire. Around 11:00pm last night a group of around 2000 people accompanied by the police were mobilized and attacked our Provincial offices. Members of the group took down the party’s sign, broke into the building, and set the building on fire. The damages are substantial. In addition to a lack of protection, police forces did nothing to intervene. No criminal complaints have been filed, but an attorney from Antalya, who will pursue the matter, has been contacted. Moreover, it has been observed that tensions are still high and that a new attack is planned.

12- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (USKUDAR)- On the evening of September 7th, 2015, around 9:50pm, a group of aggressors entered the street where our District organization is located in an attempt to make its way into the building. The group broke our security camera and tore our sign and party flag down in order to replace them with a Turkish flag. A lawyer associate responsible for this district has been contacted in order to file a criminal complaint. There was prior information about the planned protest (obtained around 9:00pm) and the security forces had been contacted to take necessary precautions. (Moreover, a petition had been filed earlier that day with the District Governor and Directorate of Security in order to request additional protection).

13- September 7th 2015, MERSIN (ERDEMLI)- Our party building situated in the Kargipinari neighborhood of Mersin’s Erdemli district has been attacked on September 7th, 2015 and has been completely burned. There have also been a number of attacks in the same neighborhood directed towards the homes, businesses and vehicles of citizens of Kurdish origin. While one vehicle has been completely burned, there have been damages to other vehicles, homes and businesses.

14- September 7th 2015, ORDU (FATSA)- The Greens and the Left Party of the Future’s Fatsa district building has been stoned on September 7th, 2015. There is no need for a lawyer to file a criminal complaint, as there have so far been no other problems in the Province or District. They have been advised to contact security forces for protection.

15- September 7th 2015, MANISA- The Provincial headquarter has been put under protection with the use of armored vehicles. Meanwhile, security forces have under various pretenses barred a civilian committee from leaving Manisa and travelling to Cizre. In general, tensions are high in the city.

16- September 7th 2015, BOLU- During the night hours. a group made its way to the Provincial branch in order to hang a flag. Ozgur Gunaydin, the Provincial Co-Chair, has announced that they will file a criminal complaint.

17- September 7th 2015, AKSARAY- The Provincial Co-Chair, Muhittin Yilmaz, has informed us that fascist mobs have made calls on social media to attack the Provincial building and have been circling the area shouting violent slogans. Muhittin Yilmaz has noted that the Directorate of Security had been contacted in order to ask for protection, the latter stating “We are aware of everything, we are acting accordingly.”

18- September 7th 2015, KOCAELI- The Provincial Co-Chair was contacted and provided with the following information: a fascist mob marching in the streets of the district of Izmit attempted to attack the district branch, but was pushed back, furhermore, a mob attempted to attack the Gebze district branch, national police forces have taken necessary security measures.19- September 7th 2015, AGRI- Provincial Co-Chair Sabri Tayfur was contacted. He noted that the atmosphere in the Province was very reminiscent of martial law, that armoured vehicles were constantly patrolling the streets and instiling fear.

20- September 7th 2015, ANTALYA (MANAVGAT)- The Directorate of Security has adopted no visible security measures so far. Because the party’s branch is located on the second floor, a group has entered the offices using a crane-like vehicle. The building has incurred material damage. The information that there would be an attack on the building had already begun to spread ten days ago. The district Co-Chair has testified. There is no confirmation so far that a criminal complaint has been filed. There are no security cameras.

21- September 7th 2015, ANTALYA- Five Party members were stranded in the party building due to an ultra-nationalist attack on the building. Beginning with chants against HDP, assailants approached the building along with police forces in close cooperation. Police used tear gas to attack the HDP members who tried to defend the building, rather than the assailants.  The assailants were unable to enter the building, but they stabbed two pro-HDP civilians, who were seriously wounded, along with Osman Bestas. Another 3 pro-HDP civilians were injured due to stoning by the assailants. Assailants also surrounded the Alanya hospital, preventing the admission of the wounded.

22- September 7th 2015,  ANTALYA (KONYAALTI)- The owner of the building housing the HDP Antalya district branch asked the HDP to vacate the party building due to threats and attacks from the ultra nationalists.

23- September 7th 2015, CORUM- Around 11:30pm, a group of around 30 ultra-nationalists attempted to enter the local party building in Corum city. Security forces prevented such an attack. The group continued to threaten party officials, who they demanded take down the HDP party sign, but they were unsuccessful. Party officials and volunteers are trying to ensure security of the local party building 24/7.

24- September 7th 2015, BALIKESİR- (From the interview with co-chair Yurdanur Guven)A group of assailants began stoning the party building in Balikesir around 1:30-2:00pm, managed to enter the building, then broke the doors and equipment, plundered the furniture inside, throwing them out the window, and attempted to burn all the materials thrown out of building. Racist assailants injured one HDP security officer and two other MP candidates, one of them being Ayse Isik. All received doctor’s reports about the injuries they received due to the attacks. The same night, local chapters of HDP in Balikersir and Edremit were stoned from around midnight to 3am. Various attempts were made by HDP officials to reach local government officials to protect local chapter buildings and provincial headquarters.  Further escalation of tension is expected due to planned marches by the ultra-nationalist MHP.

25- September 7th 2015, NIGDE- After a public call from local Nigde local party officials of the CHP(Republican People’s Party) and the MHP(Nationalist Movement Party) with a theme of “bring a flag”, and “respect march for the martyrs”, many nationalists gathered in the Nigde Cumhuriyet square chanting “Revenge” and targeting Kurdish citizens and HDP party buildings. The crowd, without any resistance from police forces, blocked the main streets of Nigde city and began marching towards the building containing HDP Nigde provincial office. The crowd began intensive stoning of the party office in the front and back of the building. Law enforcement gave a late and inadequate response. Law enforcement’s late and inadequate response encouraged the crowd and many entered the building’s second floor and began destroying all the furniture inside including TVs, computers, cameras and many others. Items we thrown out of the building. After two hours of this racist siege on the party building, HDP party officials insisted that local security officials come to the scene and provide a damage assessment report.

There was numerous material damage to the building. All doors and windows of the party building were broken, all electronic material including TV/Computer monitors, safe, scanner, fax, copiers were destroyed or thrown out of the window, file cabinets, chairs and tables were all damaged, HDP Party flags shredded, all party signs on exterior walls of the commercial buildings were removed, 3 mounted security cameras outside the building have been damaged or crushed with stones. Videos recorded by the security cameras were handed over to the security officials in Sungurber police station.

26- September 7th 2015, BURDUR- A group of 9-10 racist assailants gathered outside the party building. Protection was requested from local security officials to avoid any attacks. Security officials responded and dispersed the group without any further attack attempts.

27- September 7th 2015, KILIS- A group of ultra nationalists attacked the Kilis provincial branch of the HDP and attempted to bring down the party sign and put a Turkish national flag in its place. Police forces prevented such attacks and no damage was done to the party building or party members. A convoy of 100-150 vehicles continued to escalate the tension. Kilis HDP provincial co-chair filed a request for official protection from local government officials.

28- September 7th 2015, IZMIR (BUCA)- There was an attack on the district branch of the HDP in the late hours of the night, all the windows were smashed. HDP filed a criminal complaint.

29- September 7th 2015, IZMIR (BERGAMA)- Due to an attack on HDP Bergama local chapter, the party building is no longer usable. A criminal complaint has been filed. It is also believed that the attacks were organized through a social media account of an official of the local chapter of the Republican People’s Party(CHP). A criminal complaint is to be filed against this CHP official.

30- September 7th 2015, IZMIR (DIKILI)- There was an attack on the district branch of the HDP in the late hours of the night, in which all the windows were smashed. The HDP has filed a criminal complaint.

31- September 7th 2015, IZMIR (KEMALPASA)- There was an attack on the district branch of the HDP in the late hours of the night, in which all the windows were smashed. The HDP has filed a criminal complaint.

32- September 7th 2015, AFYON- It was reported that a fascist mob was marching through the city, however as there was no provincial HDP branch, no attack occurred.

33- September 7th 2015, BILECIK- It was reported that one of the soldiers who died in Daglica was from Bilecik and that there was attack on the provincial branch of HDP, but there was no significant damage.

34- September 7th 2015, BILECIK (BOZOYUK)- It was reported that a small group attacked the district branch; however due to the significant Kurdish population of the neighborhood, the assailants were unable to enter the neighborhood. Both provincial and the district branches requested police protection which was not granted.

35- September 7th 2015, NEVSEHIR (AVONOS)- Although there was no district branch of our party in Avanos, it was reported that a known member was targeted by a group of 30-35 people in front of his house. Reportedly, an HDP flag was burned and epithets were hurled. No criminal complaint was filed in this case either. Additionally, we were informed that a fascist group stopped vehicles at the entrance to the city and carried out ID checks. We were also told that there are plans for a large march on Sunday in Goreme after which an attack may take place.

36- September 7th 2015, BURSA- Two of our representative branches were attacked; but there were no serious injuries. There is no police protection at the moment; however a petition has been filed to that effect. At present, security is being provided by our party members.

37- September 7th 2015, ANKARA- A racist group gathered in front the HDP Headquarters and attacked it with stones while shouting threats from 8pm to 2am. A criminal report was filed.

38- September 7th 2015, ANKARA- A convoy of cars passed by the HDP Headquarters shouting racist slogans until the late hours of the night. An attack on the headquarters was prevented by the security.

39- September 7th 2015, YALOVA- There is a provincial branch in the city center. Yesterday, there was a march and an unsuccessful attack attempt. We met with the authorities and a security detail was arranged starting from today.

40- September 7th 2015, MUGLA- An attack was carried out against Vedat Oruc who is a member of our youth branch in Fethiye. He is a student at Fethiye Vocational School. After the assault, Vedat Oruc was taken to hospital, his condition is not life-threatening. A complaint was filed. Police was informed about the possibility of an attack on the provincial branch.

41- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (BEYPAZARI)- We don’t have a district branch. There was an attack on Zafer Mahallesi which has a significant Kurdish population. A protection request was filed. It was reported that there are 8-10 people injured.

42- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (KECIOREN)- When there was an attack on the HPD district branch, it was empty. The financial damage is estimated between 2 to 3 thousand Turkish Liras. A protection request was filed.

43- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (SINCAN)- There have been attempts at attacks. Because the main entrance of the building was closed, no damage was done.

44- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (ETIMESGUT)- There was an attack on the party’s district branch, but because the attack was late at night, there were no casualties. There is, however, heavy damage to the party’s district building.

45- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (ETIMESGUT PATNOSLULAR ASSOCIATION)- There was an attack on the building of the association, resulting in material damage. A criminal complaint was filed.

46- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (UMRANIYE)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. However, they managed to hang a Turkish flag over the building of our district branch by passing through the building next to the district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

47- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (BEYKOZ)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

48- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (SARIYER)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

49- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (BAGCILAR)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

50- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (B. CEKMECE)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

51- September 7th 2015, ISTANBUL (BASAKSEHIR)- There were attempts at attacks on our district branch. They were not able to physically enter the building of our district branch. Criminal complaints are being filed.

52- September 7th 2015, ANKARA (MAMAK)- There were attacks against the Kurds in Tuzlucayir. It was reported that the police actively participated in the attacks. A protection request was filed.

53- September 8th 2015, MUGLA (ORTACA)- Around noon, there was an attack attempt in the district. Law enforcement intervened and pushed the attacking crowd away from the district branch. The crowd placed a large flag on the building. Provincial co-chair Yusuf Uludag and the district co-chair had a meeting with the district governor. They were asked to take the party sign down. They told the district governor that there was no need for such an action as the sign had already been covered by the flag. (Although the crowd has been dismissed, there are some small groups around the district branch. Police teams are around the building as well, as of 16:50.)

54- September 8th 2015, SAMSUN- Small and large groups organized by the Idealist Hearths, including minors, have been marching in the city center with threatening slogans.

55- September 8th 2015, ESKISEHIR- Bayram Bey from Provincial Police Directorate called the provincial co-chair Ahmet Ulucay on the phone and told him to hang a flag at the party branch. The co-chair told him that he doesn’t have any problems with the Turkish flag, but as a political principal, he is against the use of the flag. The commissar told him that he will go and hang it. The co-chair responded that he wouldn’t let him do that. The commissar told him that a soldier’s funeral was brought to one of the apartment buildings next to the provincial branch; they were having a difficult time stopping the people and that he was to hang it.

56- September 8th 2015, ESKISEHIR- There is an ongoing racist attack on the party branch.

57- September 8th 2015, SAKARYA (KARASU)- There are attacks on the Karasu district branch as well. They have entered the empty district building.

58- September 8th 2015, ELAZIG- It was reported that there were no attacks on any of the provincial or district branches, however the atmosphere was very tense. There were preparations for a demonstration. District branches requested police protection but so far no response has been received.

59- September 8th 2015, KIRSEHIR- The atmosphere was very tense in Kirsehir. Businesses owned by HDP supporters and Kurds were set on fire and completely burnt down by racist groups.

60- September 8th 2015, ANKARA (HDP HEADQUARTERS)- Racist groups in cars passed in front of HDP headquarters, attempting to attack the building. Security forces intervened and prevented any possible attacks.

61- September 8th 2015, ANTALYA-  There were hour-long attacks on HDP’s Antalya provincial office building. No damage was done. An attorney has been assigned to follow up the case.

62- September 8th 2015, ALANYA- Late at night, HDP’s district building was burned down completely into ashes. Moreover, shops and businesses owned by Kurds in the town were set on fire.

63- September 8th 2015, ANTALYA (KUMLUCA)- HDP’s district building was set on fire and burned down.

64- September 8th 2015, ANTALYA (MANAVGAT)- There is a dire situation continuing in the town, attacks by the racists are continuing. However, the security forces are arresting HDP members; 5 people are currently under arrest. Additionally, someone among the racist group was killed as a result of the violence but the security forces are trying to put the blame on the HDP supporters.

65- September 8th 2015, CANAKKALE-  Buildings belonging to People’s Houses were attacked. There was an attack on the HDP’s provincial branch that lasted from around 8pm to 1am at night.  Crowds first attacked the building with stones and then hung a Turkish flag on the building. During the second attack that followed this, the aggressors entered the building, removed many party documents, and burned them all. In addition, the building’s windows were broken, the party’s signs were ripped into pieces, chairs, computers and other things were set on fire. There were no security cameras in the party’s office, however the security cameras of the nearby businesses can be used for footage. There was no one in the building during the events, therefore no one was hurt in the attack.

66- September 9th 2015, BARTIN- Stones were thrown at the party’s building. There was no material damage. A criminal complaint will be filed.

67- September 9th 2015, AYDIN- Police did not allow anyone on the streets. The police department conveyed a message to the party administration warning them about a march that will take place today. The building will not be open today.

68- September 9th 2015, AYDIN (NAZILLI)- During the hours of the morning, an attack took place where a group took down the HDP flag and burned it. There was no other additional damage.

69- September 9th 2015, KIRIKKALE- There is heavy psychological pressure. Allegedly, someone is trying to gather information about the party’s provincial co-president. Co-president Bunyamin will be in Ankara during this period.

70- September 9th 2015, KILIS (ELBEYLI)- In the hours of the morning, there were attacks on the HDP district building by a large crowd of people.

71- September 8th 2015, ISTANBUL (MALTEPE)- On the evening of September 8th, HDP’s building in Maltepe district of Istanbul was attacked and completely destroyed. There are pictures of the damage taking place. Even though nearby businesses have video coverage of the attacks, they are not willing to share them. These videos need to be taken from the police for evidence. The destroyed and damaged items are documented and will be handed over to the district administration of the party as soon as possible.

72- September 8th 2015, BURSA- The sign of Osmangazi district branch was taken down and a Turkish flag was hung on the building. Intense attacks by racist groups took place where they entered the party’s building and destroyed and burnt everything in the offices. The party members who attempted to enter the building were attacked by security forces with teargas and armoured vehicles. Attackers also entered Orhangazi’s district building and burned and destroyed the contents of the building. Additionally, the party sign was removed. Gemlik district building of the party was also stoned and the party sign was removed as well.

73- September 8th 2015, BALIKESIR- (interview of the co-president Yurdanur Guven) On the evening of September 8th, around 8pm, in the Altinoluk neighbourhood of the Edremit district, the steel door to the main entrance and the one on the third floor were broken, and the building was set on fire. In addition, on September 8th at 8:00pm , the windows of two stores owned by Kurds were smashed and taken down. On the same night, the aggressor groups gathered in the HDP’s Burhaniye branch, they broke the doors of the passage and and they removed everything from the district and burnt it in the streets. Once again, in the Burhaniye district, they broke the windows of a teahouse and house owned by a Kurdish man, Abdullah Firat. This evening, on September 9th, the opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) has organized a march with the slogan: “respect the [Turkish] flag, down with terror”. It is expected that tensions will rise as a result of this. No criminal complaint has been filed against these events!

74- September 9th 2015, NEVSEHIR- It has been reported that, Mukremin Tokmak’s, a party member of the HDP, pension (inn) came under attack and a (party) flag was burnt in front of it. Due to this attack, Mukremin Tokman has decided to close the pension until the end of the month and move to Hacibektas district to stay with friends there. Yesterday evening it has also been reported that since the fascist groups have increased in size, all the party members in the area gathered and stayed over-night at the Ilhan Hotel (owned by a previous parliamentary candidate of the HDP) for their protection.

75- September 9th 2015, ELAZIG- There are reports that roughly a crowd of 1000 people formed by the fascist groups: the Ottoman Hearths, the Idealist Hearths and the Free Cause Party, marched in Elazig and attempted to attack HDP offices. However, since the HDP’s Elazig office was heavily populated and well protected at the time, they managed to prevent the attackers from entering the street where the party building is located. There were also police securing the building and no other reports of incidents in the area.

76- September 9th 2015, BILECIK- The situation is very critical here. Our provincial president Ekrem Bedevi claims that one of the soldiers killed by PKK in Daglica, Hakkari was from Bilecik, causing the crowd that was organizing against the HDP in the city to be much more aggressive. Additionally, because the building in which the party’s branch of Bozuyuk district is located belongs to the president, the president said the fascists were threatening him and his family every night. Upon that, he decided to send his wife and children away and stay at home by himself. He requested protection from the police department but his request was rejected. He added that the Republican People’s Party members were also among the marchers and that the march itself appeared to be supported by the police.

77- September 8th 2015, DENIZLI- (The person interviewed is Nebi Elci) After 8pm, a mob of attackers climbed to the balcony of the HDP office building and put up a Turkish flag. They also drew an “x” sign on the door. In the Merkezefendi County, by throwing stones from a car, they broke the windows of the HDP office at 11:30pm. In Saraykoy district, they fired two molotovs at 3am. The county office of HDP was put on fire. (Criminal complaints will be filed for all three events).

78- September 8th 2015, USAK- (The person interviewed is the co-president Mehmet Yasar) The place which belongs to the Democratic Student Club is used as the provincial branch of the party. The building was targeted by gunfire at 2am, the windows got broken. Later, the co-president wrote down a report of the situation but no criminal complaint has been filed.

79- September 9th 2015, MUS- This morning at 5am, some of the houses were raided by the police and DBP’s provincial president Cihan Akpolat, a DBP administrator Selamettin Yilmaz, the president of the Meya-Der association Irfan Kandemir, HDP party member Nimet Yilmaz, and DBP’s ex-president of Varto district Guven were arrested.

80- September 9th 2015, TRABZON- (The person interviewed is the co-president Ahmet Hazar Dilaver) There has not been any attacks today but tonight there will be a march organized by the Idealist Hearths. It is expected that this march will create a tension.

81- September 9th 2015, SAKARYA- (The person interviewed is the co-president Yasar Karatas) Kurdish shopkeepers are being threatened. There have been calls on the social media to organize sabotages in the districts where HDP had high percentages of votes. A similar call is being made to close the HDP provincial building as well. The provincial branch of HDP is preparing a criminal complaint.

82- September 8th 2015, ORDU- Police prevented an attack against the Labor Party, and there has been no further attacks since yesterday. However, there are some threats targeting the parliamentary candidates individually.

83- September 8th 2015, DUZCE- On September 8th, 20015, after the march in the evening, there were attempts to attack the neighborhoods where the Kurds live but these were prevented. Two Arab seasonal workers were beaten in the central bus station but the co-president was not able to reach the workers. HDP does not have a building in the province. It is reported that the mayor of the city has been very effective in preventing attacks and he has been putting pressure on security directorate of the province in preventing such events.

84- September 8th 2015, AMASYA- On August 8th, 2015 Tuesday night at 8pm, 3000 people entered the provincial branch of the HDP and destroyed everything inside the building, and threw some of the stuff on the street where they set them on fire. At around 11pm, the co-president of the party in the province is taken to security directorate of the city and was beaten there. He had an heart attack there and was taken to hospital. No criminal complaint was filed, and at the moment party members are not going out. There is a need for an attorney to submit a criminal complaint.

85- September 8th 2015, OSMANIYE- On September 8th, 2015, at around 9pm on Tuesday evening, the HDP’s provincial building was attacked by a mob, and even though there was a Turkish flag in the building, they hanged one more. All the windows were broken down. On Wednesday September 9th, 20015 at around 12pm, party members were verbally abused when they were in the building and the police did not even act to prevent this, yet there has been no injuries or material damage. The party offices are closed and party members are not going outside. The HDP building is side by side with the police station and all these events have taking place under the auspices of the police.

86- September 9th 2015, BAYBURT- The students whose names were circulated on social media have been sent to their hometowns , there are no problems as of now. Party members are not going outside.

87- September 9th 2015, MERSIN- In the evening of September 9th, 2015 a group who came to the HDP’s provincial building under the auspices of police, by standing on the armoured vehicle of the police, they removed the HDP sign, threw stones at the building, broke the windows, but they were not able to enter the building. There has been police protection during the last three days. In Silifke, 14 party members were arrested. Some people attacked the municipality building of Akdeniz district and broke its windows. HDP’s building in Mezitli district was burned down completely. Attorneys were consulted about all these events and criminal complaint will be filed.

88- September 8th 2015, AKSARAY- Despite the fact that there have been harassments, and that police was informed about possible attacks, necessary precautions were not taken and in the evening of September 8th, thousands of people attacked the HDP’s building in Aksaray province, they removed the party sign under the auspices of the police and marched through the streets with a feeling of victory.

89- September 9th 2015, MANISA- A group attacked HDP’s building in Salihli district, and in Akhisar district they made harresments. The HDP district offices filed criminal complaints and they requested additional security measures to be taken by the police.

90- September 9th 2015, KOCAELI- A fascist group attacked our party buildings in the districts of Cayirova and Derince and broke the windows of the building. A similar incident took place in Darica district and some people have protected the party buildings themselves. Similar harassing attacks also took place against the party building in the city center and the situation was reported to the security police and they were asked to take necessary precautions.

91- September 9th 2015, BOLU- A crowded group attacked DOG-DER building and the group violently kicked the doors of the party building and uttered menacing slogans and left the scene after a while.

92- September 9th 2015, SINOP- The provincial office has not been attacked yet, but there is a widespread tension in the province.

93- September 8th 2015, YALOVA- In the evening of September 8th, 2015, the chief of police called the co-chair of Yalova Murat Amil and asked to evacuate the building because they received some rumors that there are plans of an arson and he said that security forces cannot take any precautions. After about half an hour, a group of 4-5 civil policemen came to our party building and repeated the demand that we leave the party building (At this moment, there were 4 party members in the building). Our co-chair responded negatively to their requests and claimed that if they are informed about this issue, they have been probably collaborating with the group themselves to carry out such an attack. After this incident, a group of about 1000-15000 gathered and started attacking our building, throwing stones and and breaking our windows (Our office is on the third floor of the building). Our co-chair called the governor and the chief police and accused them of being responsible for this fascist attack. This situation lasted for about 2 hours. The police interfered every now and then to move the group away and then 4 of our party members left the building accompanied by the police. Today, the police called our party again and warned us that another attack can take place. As of now nothing happened, we are waiting.

94- September 8th 2015, ARDAHAN- In the evening of Tuesday September 8th, the group that gathered in front of the monument of Ataturk released a press statement (around 6pm). After this, the group came to our party’s provincial branch and shouted slogans. There is no physical attack or any damage. As stated by MHP (Nationalist Movement Party), their followers are being prompted to to carry out these attacks by AKP (Justice and Development Party) supporters. MHP members stated that they prevented their supporters to take part in the attacks. Today, the situation is relatively better and it is not expected that any attack will take place.

95- September 8th&9th 2015, KARS- In the evening of September 8th, we heard about the small fire at our provincial branch’s building. They set the trash in front of our building on fire. There is not any physical damage in the building because the fire is extinguished shortly after. It is believed that the fire was to frighten us. Today (September 9th) at 5pm the group, which calls itself the Idealist Hearths, has called to carry out a commemoration/march. Our Kars province deputy Safak Ozanli has been in contact with the chief of police since last night and requested them to take necessary precautions for any possible unpleasant attacks.

96- September 8th&9th 2015, MUGLA- In the evening of September 8th, the attack ended around midnight, the door is broken and there is financial loss. There was another attack on the provincial branch building last night, the party sign was brought down and the police interfered to prevent further attacks. In Fethiye, stones were thrown at 4-5 houses and offices. Since there is going to be a march on September 9th in Marmaris, we are expecting another attack.

97- September 9th 2015, RIZE- Our co-chair Gunay Karafazli’s work office was intended to be burned by Halil Ibrahim Uzun. Since we called the security forces a night before, the police who was standing in front of the building at the time interfered and prevented the arson. The co-chair’s family filed a criminal complaint to the office of the public prosecutor. The family of the attacker was known and therefore, they were contacted and the situation was smoothed over. The family assures that it will not be repeated again. In addition, our co-chair Gencaga Karafazli, filed all the writings on Facebook and other social media outlets that were aimed to carry out an attack and or to threaten and informed the security office through OHD (the Association of Lawyers for Freedom) about 3-5 hours ago. Similar threats continue to be delivered.

98- September 9th 2015, ERZINCAN- In the evening of September 9th, a march was organized around 6:30pm. Yesterday, the security office has warned us that there was a threat and our party building could be attacked. Apart from this, there is not an attack at the moment. Our party building is closed in case of such an attack.

99- September 8th 2015, BURDUR- In the evening of September 8th, after midnight around 12:30, a mob attacked and brought down the party sign and hanged the Turkish flag instead. Security cameras of the building were also taken away. Despite being requested to take necessary precautions and responding positively to this request, the police has not provided us with any protection.

100- September 8th 2015, ARTVIN- In the evening of September 8th around 9:30pm, a very crowded group attacked the building of our district branch in Hope, district of Artvin. As a result, the windows were broken and those who entered the building damaged the fixtures and hanged the Turkish flag. The financial loss is very high. After these attacks, the executive committee of the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party ) resigned to show their resentment. AKP Hopa Municipality has bussed the attackers to our building themselves. The co-chair of our party stated that they will mail us the records of the attacks and other scenes and that they will file a criminal complaint.

101- September 9th 2015, GAZIANTEP- On September 9th, around 5pm there has not been any attack yet on our provincial or district branches. It is known that some groups have shouted slogans and tried to come towards our building but they were prevented by the police. There have been attacks attempted on Sahinbey and Sehitkamil district branches, but they just remained as attempts rather than turning into violent attacks.

102- September 8th&9th 2015, HATAY- On Tuesday September 8, around noon time a group of about 4000-5000 people have marched without permission for the martyrs and about a group of 150-200 people headed towards our party building, but the police prevented them. On September 8th, in district of Defne a group of about 10-15 people with motorbikes shouted at retailers and threatened them to shut down their shops and they also shouted some slogans around our party building. By doing this they tried to create an atmosphere of panic and fear. On September 9th, Wednesday, in Iskenderun, the district branch was closed because of a march, but it was expressed that the district office could be attacked anytime. The co-chair has stated they have requested police protection.

103- September 9th 2015, SAMSUN- Since there is no provincial branch in Samsun, there has been no attack as of 5pm, September 9th, 2015 in the city center and /or in towns. From time to time, small or large groups, organized by the Idealist Hearths and which included minors have marched in a minacious manner.

104- September 9th 2015, IZMIR- On Wednesday, September 9th, as of 5pm, HDP buildings in 8 districts, namely Buca, Bergama, Dikili, Bornova, Tire, Menderes, Torbali and Kemalpasa came under attack. Criminal complaints about the four districts were filed. The building in Bergama district is being attacked continuously during the last two days. After the attacks, the buildings in Bergama, Tire, Dikili and Bornova are unusable. The windows of the party buildings in the districts of Buca, Torbali, Menderes and Kemalpasa were broken. They tried to break the steel door of the Bergama office by using an ax. They also marched toward the Selcuk district of Bergama where Kurds are the majority but the inhabitants of the district defended themselves and by firing into the air they dispersed the attackers.

Criminal complaints were submitted in Menderes and Tire districts. Today, when the HDP’s provincial co-president and some of the party members tried to go to Bergama, first the police chief of the district, then the mayor of the town, and finally provincial director of the police called the co-president telling them that they can not ensure their security and by saying this they tried to convince him not to go there. The co-president decided not to go after they promised to provide better security for the public. The provincial co-president of the party stated that both the provincial and district branches of the party are under serious threat.

105- September 8th 2015, NIGDE- There has been no event on Tuesday, September 8th. The videos and and the reports about the the attacks during the previous day were sent to DIHA and ANF new agencies. A press release was scheduled for September 10th, 2015 about the attacks. The petition for the criminal complaint will be prepared today and will be submitted to the respective authorities tomorrow.

HDP Law Commission
10 September 2015