Buldan: You wont win an election at those municipalities in a thousand years

Co-chair Pervin Buldan held a press conference at our İstanbul provincial organization regarding the recent appointment of trustees to our municipalities in Siirt, Iğdır, Baykan, Kurtalan and Altınova. In his speech Buldan said briefly following:

After the confiscation of our municipality with the coup inflicted by appointing a trustee yesterday, the Turkish Flag was displayed at our Siirt Municipality building and the Turkish national anthem was played over loudspeakers. In which country is Siirt? What kind of message are you trying to convey, and to whom?

You [the AKP and its partner the MHP) won't win an election at those municipalities in a thousand years. The peoples of Turkey, the Kurdish people will always make their choice in Mardin, Iğdır, Diyarbakır, Siirt and Van in favour of the HDP. Nobody can prevent that.

HDP has become a true political force in Turkey. We are here to, one day, govern this country, and we are the key party in every coming election. In Turkey, there can be no political stability without the HDP. You cannot run this country by ignoring millions of people and usurping their will.

16 May 2020