Co-chair Buldan’s visit to Germany

A delegation headed by our co-chair Pervin Buldan is in Germany to hold meetings with the representatives from several political parties of Germany. In her visit Buldan is accompanied by our Batman MP Feleknas Uca, European representative Eyüp Doru, Germany representatives Faysal Sarıyıldız and Leyla İmret.

Yesterday Buldan and the accompanying delegation met with Social Democratic Party (SPD) president Andrea Nahles, Left Party (Die Linke) president Bernd Riexinger, European Left Party president Gregor Gysi, Green Party vice chair Jamila Schafer, Cem Özdemir and Green Youth Spokesperson Max Lucks.

Today, Buldan and our delegation have met with Germany's Minister of State Nils Annen.  

Turkey-EU relations, the isolation of Mr. Öcalan and the related hunger strikes in Turkey’s prisons were discussed during the meetings.


Buldan and Minister Nils Annen:


Meeting with SPD president:


Meeting with Die Linke president:


Meeting with European Left Party president


Meeting with Greens

8 May 2019