Demirtaş has sent letter to the EP and PACE members regarding ongoing indefinite hunger strikes in Turkey

Our former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş to the members of European Parliament (EP) and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) regarding the ongoing indefinite hunger strikes in Turkey and abroad. The letter reads as follows:

My dear colleague,

I am briefly writing to you regarding a very critical and burning situation in Turkey.

Today is the 104th day of the indefinite hunger strike of Ms. Leyla Güven, who is a member of Turkish parliament and my parliamentarian friend. Together with her, over 320 people have been on hunger strike in prisons and abroad.

The hunger strike of my friends has reached the borders of death. Their only demand from the Turkish government is to immediately end the solitary confinement imposed on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan at İmralı Island Prison towards establishing the rule of law and a political climate of dialogue and peace.

This rightful, legal and legitimate demand is a realistic one that can make concrete and direct contributions to the security, peace and stability of Turkey, Syria and Europe.

The Turkish government’s ignoring this vital issue at a time when the hunger strike is bordering death increases the seriousness and gravity of the situation. I believe that you will hear the outcries of hundreds of hunger strikers venturing to face death for the sake of peace and democracy and millions of people who support them. I also believe that you will help with all means at your disposal to build international publicity on the issue and to make sure that the demand of hunger strikers is met without any delay so that hunger strikes can end.

I would like to end this letter, which I send to you from prison and through my lawyers and my party, by expressing my warmest regards and with the hope to meet you in a free future.

Selahattin Demirtaş
Edirne High Security Prison
19 February 2019