Demirtaş refused to come to the Ankara for the hearing

Our Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş had filed a request to take part in person in the hearing to be held at the Ankara Court House today (7 July 2017, Friday), and the court had accepted this request on 30 June 2017.

This morning, at 03:40, at Edirne Prison, when officials wanted to handcuff him at the service vehicle that was to bring him to Ankara, Demirtaş held a meeting with the Gendarmerie Section Commander and the warden on duty. At this meeting, Demirtaş stated that he was still a member of parliament, that his parliamentary immunity continued and that he would not go to the hearing if he were to be handcuffed. When the Gendarmerie Section Commander stated that they could not take him unless he was handcuffed, Demirtaş stated that he was a member of parliament, elected by the people. 

Upon the persistence regarding the use of handcuffs, Demirtaş returned to his room at 04:10.

7 July 2017