Dear friends,

Erdoğan had shown with his authoritarian poiltics and his appearance, that he can never represent the diversity and the pluralism of Turkey. Above all he does not stand for a democratic Turkey, but a Turkey of corruption, of neoliberalism, of oppression and unfreedom. Also his opponent İhsanoğlu, who was fielded by CHP and MHP is no good choice for Turkey. He is the voice of the nationalists, who do not recognize the rights of the Kurds and whose image of Turkey has not changed since 30 years, who think conservative and authoritarian.

Selahattin Demirtaş is the only candidate, who is also representative for the interests of the Kurds, the Alevi and the left in Turkey. Turkey is multiethnic and multireligious and  only in respect of this diversity Turkey can find the way to democracy and peace. People with Turkish passport living in Germany can already at the 31st of July go to vote. At the 10th of August the people in Turkey are called to the ballots. We wish Selahattin and all his campaigners much energy for the election campaign. And especially we wish Selahattin an extraordinary result for a social, democratic and peaceful Turkey.

In solidarity,