Parliament elections come to pass on June 7th in Turkey and until May 31st for the citizens of Turkey residing abroad. These elections are the occasion to advance ecology, the democracy and peace in Turkey.

The Ecology Party, Yeșiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi, member like EELV of the Green Party European, decided to take part in these elections in coalition with several political parties and movements citizens progressists having in heart to defend the rights of minorities, of the women, the children, the workers,  LGBT community and of course to protect the environment.

This coalition, Peoples’ Democratic Party, HDP, all the more deserves the support of all the voters since is it the only one able to call into question the hegemony of  AKP. Indeed, particulary unjust Turkish electoral system prohibits numerous parties having less than 10% of the votes to enter to the Parliament and redistributes the seats mainly between leading parties.

EELV thus calls all those  which have voting right  to go to theTurkish  consulates  before May 31st and to help  HDP to cross this threshold of 10%, to prevent the AKP from modifying the Constitution with its own way, to call into question the nuclear power and all the great projects which seriously endanger nature in Turkey and in its neighbors (3rd airport, 3rd bridge, Istanbul channel, election threshold… etc.) and to make progress the peace process with Kurdish. The voters  living out of Turkey can tip the scales.

Lastly, EELV particularly supports the 24 candidates of Yeșiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi and especially Saruhan Oluç chief candidate HDP in the district of Antalya. If the HDP passes the threshold, he will be the first deputy ecologist of the history of Turkey.