Facing the pain and sorrow experienced in these lands is the task of the people living in these lands

We do not support the latest Presidential Decree.

Because we think that the way to confront this Great Catastrophe (Metz Yeghern) is not through such resolutions taken by various parliaments worldwide. Neither the resolution adopted by the US Congress nor the declaration of Turkey's parliament serves to find the truth or to heal the wounds.

We disapprove of any attempts that use such a great sorrow for international power maneuvers. What we need to do is to create conditions to prevent such maneuvers. This is possible and necessary.

We want all matters related to the great sorrow experienced by the Armenian people to be investigated and discussed freely in this country. So long as we cannot do this, it is clear that other channels will be used for this purpose. This problem and sorrow are ours, and we are the ones to address them. If we can face it, we can heal the wounds.

We believe that free discussion and sharing our pain is vital for social peace.

This parliament can and should pioneer this. We emphasize once again that we are ready to make any contribution in this regard and to take the responsibility.

Fatma Kurtulan and Saruhan Oluç
Parliamentary Group Deputies
13 December 2019