Hamma Hammami, Leader of the Popular Front of Tunisia spoke at HDP’s Hatay meeting:

I’m here with my comrade to show solidarity with you. We know that peoples of Turkey have suffered and still suffering under dictatorship, especially under AKP administration. We know that AKP continues its bribery and corruption policy. AKP’s domestic and international practices have failed and because of this they are trying to interfere in the affairs of the neighbouring countries. They are even trying to interfere in our country. We will stand side by side with you. We are together with you for a free, democratic, equal and socially just Turkey where peoples live fraternally.

You must know that you have sisters and brothers in Tunisia who share the same goals with you. They are also struggling for freedom and equality. We got rid of the dictatorship but we still continue our revolutionary march. We believe that we can achieve it in Tunisia. We promise to maintain our relations with you in all areas in a manner of peace and solidarity.

We know that there are some Tunisian youth that have joined the bloody war in Syria. But majority of Tunisians are against this and trying to stop this. We are struggling in every way to stop these young people to join the war in Syria. We don’t want young people of Tunisia to make politics over destruction of another country. We want democracy and peace for your entire region.

Long live HDP! Forward to victory!