HDP broadens civil disobedience actions against attacks targeting the party

Our MPs are responding to the detention of HDP members who are on hunger strike in solidarity with imprisoned HDP MP Leyla Güven by going on a hunger strike. 

Our Co-Chair Pervin Buldan, along with other MPs, will also start a 2-day hunger strike at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. 

Following the police raid on the HDP Mersin Province Office and the subsequent detention of HDP members and officials who were on hunger strike in support of Leyla Güven yesterday, the HDP MPs have decided to go on a hunger strike for 3 days. 

In provinces where the HDP has more than 2 MPs, there will be 3-day hunger strikes. The provinces with 2 or fewer MPs will participate in the hunger strike that will be held at Parliament on 4 December.

Our Hakkari MP Ms Leyla Güven - held in prison in breach of the Constitution and international agreements signed by Turkey - started a hunger strike on November 8 demanding the lifting of the conditions of isolation on the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan who is held at İmralı Prison. 

Ms Güven is on the 26th day of her hunger strike.

3 December 2018