HDP Women’s Assembly Spokesperson and Siirt MP Besime Konca Arrested Once Again

Besime Konca, HDP’s Women Assembly’s Spokesperson and Deputy for Siirt, has been detained and arrested once again.  Ms. Konca had first been detained on 13 December 2016 and released after her testimony was taken. Upon the objection of the prosecutor's office, the same court changed its decision within 4-5 hours and issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Konca. After being imprisoned for five months, Ms. Konca was released on her fourth hearing upon the demand of the prosecutor’s office on 3 May 2017. However, this time the objection came from the Chief Public Prosecutor of Batman. When the court rejected this objection, the objection was appealed to a higher court and an arrest warrant was issued for Ms. Konca.

After her release until today, Ms. Konca participated in group meetings in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, HDP Women’s Assembly and Party Assembly meetings and routine work. Today she traveled to Batman to attend in the hearing to be held in Batman on May 31st. She was detained at Batman Airport and taken to court where she had to wait for 4 hours because the courts were unwilling to undertake the responsibility of carrying out this unlawful arrest. In a revealing violation of procedures, the 3rd Heavy Penal Court that had issued the arrest warrant said the 2nd Heavy Criminal Court where Ms Konca is being tried should carry out the arrest. But the 2nd Heavy Criminal Court refused saying they had already decided to release her pending trial. Finally, after 4 hours the 3rd Heavy Criminal Court arrested her.

The whole operation, clearly indicative of governmental interference in the judicial process has exposed the political commitment to arrest Ms Besime Konca and has once again proved that the judicial system Works with instructions.

Besime Konca must be released immediately.

Peoples’ DemocraticParty
Women's Assembly
29 May 2017