HDP’s Election Manifesto has been banned by Ağrı Penal Court of Peace

The Election Manifesto of the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) published by HDP Headquarters has been banned by Ağrı Penal Court of Peace. The aim of the court decision is to criminalize our demand for administrative self-rule based on decentralization of Turkey. The HDP Election Manifesto puts forth a democratic model which guarantees fundamental rights for all.

Unfortunately, such illegitimate decisions are encouraged by the AKP Government. A considerable number of prosecutors have launched investigations against HDP candidates during the electoral campaign. According to the report by HDP Law Commission, between 20 July 2015 and 18 October 2015, 2590 HDP members in total, including provincial co-chairs, members of party assembly, etc. were taken into custody. 630 of them were arrested. Besides, our 22 mayors were relieved of duty upon orders by the Ministry of Interior. Many Kurdish cities including Diyarbakir, Silvan, Lice, Batman, Bitlis, Şırnak, Cizre, Silopi, Şemdinli, Dersim are being exposed to 2-week curfews by the government.

It is clear that the AKP Government is trying to create a chaotic situation in Kurdish cities where HDP gained victory in June 7th General Elections. We, as HDP Foreign Affairs Commission, call on international public opinion to focus their attention on the Kurdish Regions of Turkey in order to prevent human rights violations and gerrymander.

District Election Boards in Kurdish Regions aren’t abiding by the Supreme Electoral Board’s Principal Decision

As known, on 3 October 2015 the Supreme Electoral Board (YSK) evaluating the objections raised against the decision of some district electoral boards to transport ballot boxes, has made it clear that district election boards have no authority to transport or gather together ballot boxes.

Despite the finality of the decision taken by Supreme Election Board on 3 October, on 19 October Şırnak-Silopi District Election Board decided to transport 26 ballot boxes in 3 neighborhoods and  2 villages and likewise, Cizre District Election Board decided to transport the 96 ballot boxes to be set up in Cudi, Sur and Nur neighborhoods to other centers.

YSK decisions are final and binding on every individual and every institution. Those concerned election boards are committing a crime by suspending the Constitution and decisions issued by the YSK. It is very clear that the problem we have here is not one of security. The ruling party is trying to prevent people’s will from being reflecting in ballot boxes. The right to vote is a fundamental right.  The Palace and AKP are doing everything to push HDP to withdraw from the elections. The decision to transport the ballot boxes in Cizre and Silopi is a violation of the Kurdish people’s right to vote.