Joint statement from HDP & Green Left Party: We will go to the ballot box without fail and change the one-man rule

Yesterday, our Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar, along with Green Left Party Co-Spokespersons Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar and Ibrahim Akın, held a press conference in Ankara to announce our stance regarding the May 28 run-off election.

Buldan, who read the joint statement, said the following:

"We are here today to share our views and stance on the presidential second round of elections to be held on May 28.

We are going to an election whose results will shape the coming years. We are dealing with a totalitarian mindset and structure based on absolute power, which has systematically built a system centered around one man for 21 years. Therefore, this election bears the character of a referendum between those who advocate for a democratic change of the system and those who wish to preserve this monist regime. Firstly, we want to make it clear that we do not endorse any political ideology that undermines, exploits, weakens, or distracts from the movement towards democratic change in society. We will continue our democratic struggle against such approaches until the very end.

We view the protocol signed yesterday between the nationalist Victory Party (Zafer Partisi) and the Nation's Alliance candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (CHP) in this manner, and we have shared our criticism with the public. The primary goal of our struggle and Third Way politics is to establish a system that adheres to universal standards, prioritizing citizens' rights and freedoms, social justice, and democracy. We aim to prevent a small group of profiteers from seizing the opportunities of the state and society. Our unwavering determination and refusal to compromise are driven by this demand and the needs of the oppressed people. We strongly emphasize that those who manipulate the political will of the Kurds through trustees are also undermining the rights and freedoms of all the peoples of Turkey. It is not in the interest of society for the Kurdish question to remain unresolved. The Republic of Turkey cannot fully embrace democracy until this unsolvable game is dismantled.

At the dawn of the Republic's second century, we will prioritize the will of the people above all else, regardless of the circumstances. Our ongoing struggle is for a common and equitable democratic future. It must be reiterated that it is incorrect and inhumane to exploit migrants or refugees for political gain. These individuals are not to blame for the current situation; it is the government that persists in a policy of war and manipulates flight and migration for economic and political interests. The refugee and migrant issue can only be resolved by vigorously pursuing a peace campaign against the war policy.

We would like to emphasise that no political calculations and interests can be more valuable than the future of the impoverished, labouring peoples, women and youth. We are aware that only the principles of democracy, justice, and freedom can counteract the policies of Erdoğan’s People's Alliance.  We would like to reiterate the position of the HDP and the Green Left Party, which are solely focused on the collective interests of society and its pursuit of a democratic, equitable, and liberated future. We have no hidden agreements or ulterior motives on our agenda.

We, the HDP and the Green Left Party, are dedicated solely to the people's struggle for equality, justice, law, and freedom. These values serve as our unwavering commitment and sole criterion. We reiterate our promise that we will not waver from this stance under any circumstances. The social issues we face stem from the current oppressive regime established by Erdoğan and his associates. The upcoming elections on May 28 will determine whether this oppressive regime will continue or not. In the May 14 elections, there was significant support for the call for democratic change and prosperity, which was reflected in the voting booths. The millions of votes against the existing system represent the people's desire for greater freedom, democracy, and prosperity. Our goal is to construct a system that is free, democratic, and just, without any form of discrimination, and where people can actively participate in governance.

Once again, it is evident that the Erdoğan regime is incapable of meeting these expectations and demands. The greatest obstacle to the realization of these aspirations will continue to be Erdoğan and his regime. Therefore, Erdoğan is never an option for us, and the only viable choice is to replace him and the power he represents. Consequently, we reaffirm that acknowledging the democratic voice of the Kurdish people and the wider society of Turkey, along with their yearning for democracy, law, justice, equality, and freedom, holds paramount importance and priority for us. On May 28, alongside millions of individuals, we express our hope that we can succeed and collectively redirect the course of history towards democratic change.

We believe in it, and so do you. We will go to the polls without fail, and together we will change the one-man regime. Our collective strength, along with the resolute desire for change from millions of people, serves as our greatest motivation. We will persistently and unwaveringly continue our struggle. We will never, ever give up. We will definitely, definitely win."

26 May 2023