Kürkçü: DAESH would not be able to penetrate into to social fibres of Turkey if the Turkish governments had  not cleared  its way

Mr. President and dear colleagues,

I would like to thank the rapporteur for preparing the ground for bringing about a comprehensive approach in order to effectively combat DAESH and similar organizations who in the last two decades have been challenging the established world order with an exceptional and unconventional problematic. DAESH and others, contrary to the line of reasoning of almost all modern forms of dissent, are not promising and fighting for establishing a new world order. Their promise is death. Deconstructing and modifying the Islamic creed in order to provide an obscure ideology of transition from this-world to the other-world they provide a rapid passage for martyrdom, a concept which embraces death of the individual fighting for Islam as the climax of  all values -death during jihad is the ultimate form of human liberation.

I am speaking in behalf of a political party and a movement hundreds of whose members have fallen victim to DAESH suicide attacks. 33 HDP affiliates in 2015 have fallen victim to DAESH suicide attack in the Suruç district of Şanlıurfa, and 103 pro-peace demonstrators on 10 October 2015 ahead of November snap elections were killed during a twin suicide attack in the midst of tens of thousands strong march in support of a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

What we have found investigating into these suicide attacks is that all perpetrators belonged to DAESH, were permanently monitored by the Turkish police, their movements were followed from their point of departure to the massacre scene.

Then we are faced with two major causes from which DAESH and similar organizations stem  which the report looks from behind a translucent filter.

The first is the direct or indirect United States support to jihadist opposition movements with an eye to regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria which provided the Islamist movements initial fuel for autonomous existence within nation-states, with money, arms, logistics and military doctrines. The story begins with the Green Belt strategy put into operation in the 1980s in the Middle East. DAESH is the offshoot of El Qaida.

Second major cause is the plight of millions and millions of young men and women in the Middle East and the Arap world wihout any hope for a future, who with the 21st century terms comprise the mass of the wretched of the Earth, in Frantsz Fanon's words.

DAESH would have never appeared in this form should the US and the western big powers had not supported Islamist opposition movements and arm them to stregthen their existence as proxies in the fight for regional and global influence during the Cold War and if they would have refrained from regime change in Iraq and Syria for any price.

And DAESH would not be able to recruit thousands of desperados from Iraq and Syria and from acrosss the globe should  the proxy wars in these countries had not destroyed the limited economical resources and substructures and lead to total collapse of those countires.

And DAESH would not be able to penetrate into to social fibres of Turkey should the Turkish governments  had  not cleared  their way to massacre the Kurds and Ezidis of  Syria and Iraq in order to block the progress of Kurdish liberation movement.

Military victories may crush the military machine of DAESH but what we need to eradicate DAESH is a global victory against social inequalities which push young men and women  seek salvation in death for themselves and death for all.

24 April 2018