Letter by Zurich Mayor to Kışanak

Corine Mauch, the Mayor of Switzerland’s Zurich city, wrote a letter to imprisoned Gültan Kışanak, the Co-mayor of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality.

In her letter, Mauch expressed her sorrow at the arrest of Co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı and other HDP members, and said she and her colleagues are working for the freedom of HDP members. Mauch pointed out that she was aware of Kışanak and Anlı’s struggle for freedom and democracy despite the oppression in their country, and expressed her support to their struggle. She said “I was terrified to hear about your arrest soon after your visit to Zurich. I know that democracy and the freedom of expression are under risk in your country. I admire your courage and your struggle for democracy and freedom despite pressures.”

Mauch reassured that the bond between Zurich and Diyarbakir would be protected and that they would fight for the freedom of the arrested Co-mayors. Te sisterhood project between the Diyarbakir and Zurich municipalities had been announced during the visit of Co-mayors Kışanak and Anlı to Zurich in October, 2016.

26 January 2017