Dear President,

We regretfully follow the oppression of the political opposition and the violation of human rights following the change of regime that has taken place in Egypt. The world watches as primarily the right to live and dozens of other rights are heavily oppressed.

The ruling for the execution of 529 political opposition members is alarming. The confirmation for the 37 of these ruling and a separate ruling for the execution of 683 other persons has only worsened the situation.

The executions of opposition members are state-led murders and are certainly not acceptable in this century. The right to live is an inherent and internationally recognized and protected right. There can be no excuse that deems the termination of the right to live justifiable. “This is an internal [affairs] issue” cannot justify for an excuse as basic rights and freedom are monitored and protected by humanity and are universal.

The statements taken under torture and the judicial problems regarding the absence of fair and impartial trials that conclude the termination of the right to live constitute the other issues with the decisions that were undertaken.

The one universal utopia we all should agree on should be development of a system in which everyone can freely exercise their rights regardless of their language, religion, gender, ethnicity and political views.

A world in which the right to live and human dignity are restored should not be too much to ask.

We, as Peoples’ Democratic Congress, that demands everyone an equal and free opportunity to exercise their rights and freedom regardless of their language, religion, ethnicity, political view or gender, call upon you.

We hope that you will recognize this call in consideration with our historical and cultural relations and international norms to put an end to the executions in your country and take the necessary legislative steps to ensure the everyone’s right to live.

Peoples’ Democratic Congress
Human Rights and Justice Commission
May 8, 2014