MP Kürkçü gave a speech at the Die Linke National Congress

Our İzmir MP Ertugrul Kürkçü has given a speech at the Die Linke National Congress which is being held in Hannover between 9-11 June to decide the election manifesto. Mr Kürkçü stated below:

Dear Comrades,

I, in my name and in the name of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) am extremely honored for having been privileged to address your Congress and convey the messages of solidarity from our jailed co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ.

HDP ahead of the September general elections fullheartedly wishes DİE LİNKE a succesful campaign and a strong parliamentary presence. We call millions of workers, women and young people of Turkish or Kurdish origin and their descent to vote for the DİE LİNKE and other progressive candidates accross Germany.

DİE LİNKE is the only party who fights for social justice and who is concerned with the rights of the Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Ezidis or others not only in Germany but also in the motherland of their loved ones- the right to freedom, peace, democracy and self-determination in Turkey and Kurdistan, freedom of conscience for the Alevites, gender-equality for the women and the LGBTQ, labor rights, and protection of the nature.

In this context allow me to mention a comrade -Andrej Hunko- personally who has gained DİE LİNKE an excellent image with his determination in pursuit of peace, democracy and human rights as part of international delegations to Turkey. His stubborn efforts in evidencing the unfairness of the 16 April referandum in Turkey and his tactful response to the Tyrant's accusations that followed has also proved his personal qualities as an international activist. Vielen Dank Andrej!

We in Turkey are passing through a difficult period, probably one of the most difficult periods of all times, both as a party and as the people. With eleven deputies, dozens of mayors, hundreds of party officials and thousands of members in prison, under systematic persecution in a ruthless emergency case rule the HDP still remains as the single opposition party against the rising fascism in Turkey.

In the fight against fascism and the colonial war on the Kurdish people we rely on the international solidarity of the left and democratic forces of Europe and the region. Our fight is not framed with selfish national interests and partial demands. Fighting against the tyranny of the political İslam in Turkey is part of the general fight against inter-imperialist plans for controlling the Middle-East through so-called soft-Islamist proxies. Fighting against the rise of fascism on the east side of Europe is the continuation of the fight against nationalism and right populism on the west-side of the continent. Fighting against militarism and war in Turkey is an inevitable component for fighting against the military-industrial complex of Europe. These multi-lateral responsibilities once again raise the need for a coordinated struggle against capitalism and concrete plans and actions for solidarity.

The successive defeat of British Conservatives and French fascists are great moments of inspiration. Peoples of Europe are refusing and will continue refuse Trump style demogugery and stupidity. And the great success of Labor under the leadership of Jeremy Corbin in the UK is particularly inspiring that the "old values" are not dead. Boldly speaking about truth, and fighting for the good for all may be "old" in the sense of their deep rootedness in human history but nothing can be more fresh than talking about revolution face to face.

We are assured that DİE LİNKE will be able to push Germany forward in the pursuit of  Social Justice ForAll. Looking at the international developments we can recall what Marx had told on the mutual relationships between the progressive forces of Europe: "When all the internal conditions have been fulfilled, the day of the German uprising will be heralded by the crowing of the Gallic cock.”

It might be still early to anticipate the crowing of the Gallic cock, yet there is nothing wrong for Germany to follow France and Britain in defeating the right. You can rely on our solidarity.

Long live internationale solidaridet!

For the German version of the speech please click here. 

10 June 2017