We, the undersigned Nobel Prize Laureates, from diverse disciplines around the world, call on the government of Turkey and the International Community at large, to take immediate action at this critical moment to end the solitary confinement of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey.  

In so doing we stand in solidarity with the hundreds of hunger strikers who are now pressing this same demand, including the Kurdish parliamentarian Leyla Güven and other Kurdish MP in Diyarbakir, whose life are in imminent danger. We also join our support to the International Appeal for ending the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey, first released on April 18, 2019.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Argentina. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1980 – Betty Williams, Northern Ireland. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1976 - Desmond Tutu, South Africa. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1984 - F. W. De Klerk, South Africa. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1993 - Jody Williams, United States. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1997 - José Ramos-Horta, East Timor. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1996 - Leymah Roberta Gbowee, Liberia. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2011 - Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Northern Ireland. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1976 - Oscar Arias, Costa Rica. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1987 - Shirin Ebadi, Iran. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2003.

Dudley R. Herschbach, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1986 - Elias James Corey, United States, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1990 - Gerhard Ertl, Germany.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry2007 - Joachim Frank, Germany / U.S.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry2017 - John C. Polanyi, Canada.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1986 - Kary B. Mullis, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1993 - Richard Henderson, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry2017 - Robert H. Grubbs, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry2005 - Roger D. Kornberg, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry2006 - Thomas R. Cech, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1989 - Walter Gilbert, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1980 - Yuan T. Lee, Taiwan.  Nobel Laureate in Chemistry1986.  

Edward C. Prescott,United States.  Nobel Laureate in Economics 2004 - Eric S. Maskin, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Economics2007 - Finn E. Kydland, Norway. Nobel Laureate in Economics 2004 - Oliver Hart, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Economics2016.  

Alice Munro, Canada. Nobel Laureate in Literature 2013 - Elfriede Jelinek, Austria. Nobel Laureate in Literature 2004 - J. M. Coetzee, South Africa.  Nobel Laureate in Literature 2003 - Mario Vargas Llosa, Peru. Nobel Laureate in Literature 2010 – Wole Soyinka, Nigeria. Nobel Laureate in Literature 1986

Carol W. Greider, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2009 - Edmond H. Fischer, Switzerland / U.S.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine1992 - Eric R. Kandel, Austria.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2000 - Erwin Neher, Germany.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine1991 - J. Robin Warren, Australia.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2005 - Jack W. Szostak, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2009 - Leland H. Hartwell, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2001 - Louis J. Ignarro, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine1998 - Sir Richard J. Roberts, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine1993 - Sydney Brenner, South Africa.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2002 - Thomas C. Sudhof, Germany / U.S. Nobel Laureate in Medicine2013 - Tim Hunt, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine2001 - Torsten N. Wiesel, Sweden.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine1981.  

Anthony J. Leggett, Great Britain.  Nobel Laureate in Physics 2003 - Gérard Morou, France. Nobel Laureate in Physics in 2018 - Kip Stephen Thorne, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Physics2017 - Sheldon Glashow, United States.  Nobel Laureate in Physics1979 - Steven Weinberg,United States.  Nobel Laureate in Physics1979 - William D. Phillips,United States.  Nobel Laureate in Physics1997.