With free women for free cities! The city is ours!

We, the women, demand a free and democratic society. We will build this society starting with the local governments, ourselves.

We have the power to envision and build our own future and make our dreams come true. We do not depend on our husbands, fathers or boyfriends to enact.

The women of this country have a political party now. Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is all women’s party.

Join us, and we will fuel change starting with the local governments.

HDP has endorsed co-chairmanship as a party defending gender equality and the equal representation of women and states that the construction of a democratic and egalitarian society is the primary condition to achieving gender equality.

Co-chairmanship is the nomination of a man and a woman for any candidacy to run a certain position together in order to ensure equal representation of women in politics.

We believe that the representation of women cannot be limited by any quota system. HDP endorses an equal %50 representation of women.

We’re nominating woman candidates from the first spots for each and every local assembly elections across Turkey. We’re enacting the “zipper system”.

As a result, HDP has nominated 39 woman co-chairs for the 39 provinces of Istanbul and a total of 333 women to run for local assemblies.

Women’s rights associations will also be represented in the women’s local assemblies through the implementation of direct democracy. The decisions carried out by the women’s assemblies will be put in place by the local assemblies. The budget will be gender-aware and each local government will allocate a budget for issues concerning women as well.

Since life is a collective entity, then governments and those who run the governments should also distribute this power collectively as well; so that women can be represented equally, empowered and stand up for one another.

This, indeed, is just a beginning. We, the women, deserve much better and much more. We believe that, together, we will build a much nicer future.

United the women stand!

Women to free cities!

Gather around! Do not surrender to men, the city is ours!

We will govern ourselves and our cities! Women, the city is ours!

Today is March 8th;

This year marks the 157th anniversary of the New York working class women’s struggle for emancipation. We are determined to carry the women’s struggle -that has been ongoing for generations paying the price of freedom- further ahead.

Women’s struggle has been the subject of the exploiting-oppressive-male-dominated state violence for years. Thousands of women have been subjected to police violence, torture, imprisonment and death throughout these years. Even to this day, the women’s rights struggle, along side the democratic opposition, is the subject of violence. Many of our friends are still in jail. We salute each and every one of them. From Gezi to Dicle and from Hewsel to Roboski, we will continue to fight for the freedom of peoples, the emancipation of women and peace.

Happy March 8th!

Long live the Unity and Solidarity of Women!

Jin, Jiyan, Azadî!