S&D Groups Josef Weidenholzer sent a letter to the President EP

Antonio Tajani, The President of European Parliament

Dear President Tajani,

By means of this letter I would like to raise your attention to the case of Feleknas Uca, a former MEP who has served the European Parliament for the German Die Linke delegation from 1999 to 2009. She is currently a member of parliament for the HDP party, where she is under political pressure from the Turkish government. Consequently, her Turkish passport was confiscated by the authorities and her German passport has been declared 'invalid', makşng it impossible for her to leave the country.

As you are aware, former MEP Joost Lagendijk is also having serious issues with the Turkish government. Therefore we would like to call on you, as President of the European Parliament, to defend our former colleagues and to raise their cases in Plenary and in all meetings that you might have with the Turkish authorities.

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Kind regards,

Josef Weidenholzer
Vice President of S&D Group