Here are the solidarity messages after Ankara bombing form all over the world:

Party of European Left (in English: The EL Strongly Condemns the Attack in Ankara, During a Peaceful Demonstration

Left Unity, Britanya (in English): Ankara Bomb Attacks: For Peace and Justice – No to War

Socialist Alliance, Australia (in English): Socialist Alliance condemns terror bombing of peace rally in Ankara, Turkey

Popular Unity, Greece (in Greek): Solidarity Call with Kurdish and Turkish people

SYRIZA, Greece (in Greek): Statement on Deadly Bomb Attack in Ankara

French Communist Party, France (in French):

Ankara bombing: “Paris must end its support for the policy of Erdogan”

RISE, Scotland (in English): RISE Stands With Turkish Unions And Peace Activists In Wake of Violence

Scottish Greens, Scotland (in English): Ankara Bombing – Our Message of Solidarity

Left-Ecology-Freedom, Italy (in Italian): The Ankara Massacre and the Ambitions of Erdogan

PODEMOS, Spain (in Spanish): Against the Barbaric Attack in Ankara

Left Party, Sweden (in Swedish): Do not let violence get the win in Turkey