SPD demands the immediate release of the detained HDP executives

Statement from the SPD's Dietmar Nietan regarding the current arrests in connection with the Kobani protests in 2014:

I condemn the renewed wave of opposition arrests in Turkey. After the arbitrary arrests of the past, it seems to be a politically motivated action and intimidation of the HDP as an opposition party.  The arbitrary arrests in Turkey must finally stop.

Today the Turkish police arrested 82 people in 7 cities on behalf of the General Prosecutor's Office in Ankara. They are accused of directing the events of the Kobane protests in October 2014. At that time, people demonstrated against the IS attack on the city of Kobane and the continued support of the Turkish regime for the terrorist troops.

The HDP has been calling for a parliamentary committee of inquiry for years to shed light on the background to the violent clashes at the time. However, the ruling party of President Erdogan always refused. The SPD shows solidarity with the HDP and demands the release of the prisoners.

30 September 2020