February 20-22th, The Second Mediterranean Conference, organized by the Party of the European Left (EL), along with five other parties of the southern Mediterranean, took place in Istanbul bringing together Rojova Cantons  and Syriza,which has won general election in Greece.There, we had opportunity to interview with Panos Trigazis, Head of Foreign Policy Section of the Greek party Syriza, about the victory of Syriza,Kobani and the upcoming election in Turkey.

Trigasiz says Syriza consists of the social democrats, socialists, feminists, a coalition of many different ideological groups as it is a synthesis of new social movements. “The color of red in the Syriza’s flag refers to labour, green to ekology and purble to feminism.” The victory of Syriza is not a result of few months,it is the the years of struggle, Trigasiz adds.

“The crisis is not only Greeks, it’s Europe’s crisis.”

The crisis began in Greece is not just issue of Greek, it is all Europe’s crisis and the solution is possible with the collaboration, Trigazis added: ”Our recent negotiations with European Union is crucial to eliminate the damages caused by the crisis and to reach a deal that we can provide mutual benefits to all.” The Head of Foreign Policy Section of the Greek party argues that liberal goverments, which set austerity as their priority , fear of the anti-capitalist party experience of Greece that could be an exemplar of all Europe.

Adding that they closely followed the struggle in Kobani as first solidarity delegations were sent by Syriza: ”The reconstruction of Kobani is our priority” says Trigasiz.

The Rojova experience is the great acquisition of World  especially in terms of direct democracy and the struggle for women.

“We are at the side of HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) in the general election”

About the upcoming general election in Turkey Trigazis says; in all regions they wish the victory of left-view that sets women rights, ekological sttrugle ,development and peace as their priorty goal, adding that they support HDP for the general election in Turkey.