Taşdemir: Soylu, who put forward the lies, has the obligation to prove, otherwise he is a slanderer

Our Ağrı MP Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir responded to the targeting statements of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. Holding a press conference with our Parliamentary Group Deputy Saruhan Oluç and MPs, Taşdemir spoke as follows:

The hallmarks of the AKP government are lies and slander

Our party has been facing heavy attacks and violence by the AKP government for the last six years. Thousands of our members, managers and elected officials have been arrested and detained. We wake up to a new operation every day. If this wasn't enough we are also attacked with slanderous propaganda and lies. Interior Minister assassinated reputation based on gossip

The Minister of Internal Affairs, who had to be accountable for the Gare operation in the Parliament on February 16, made our party a target by acting in a place where he would be accountable. In his speech in the parliament, he said that a deputy went to Gare. He did not name it. It created a public perception on this issue for 4 days. After 4 days, the proponent appeared on a television channel and insulted and slandered our party for an hour. He turned the event into a show with expressions like "A little later, a little later, last-minute". He finally gave my name. But he did not provide evidence, he tried to assassinate my reputation based on gossip.

If you knew why you waited for Operation Gare to explain?

What he says is a complete lie and slander. I am asking: If you had such information and documents, why did you not give it to the prosecutor but explained it on TV? Why did you wait for the Gare operation to explain this? He should answer these questions. 
The Interior Minister's lies are part of the operation to protect his seat

Of course, we know very well why this is done. This is a seat recovery operation. Because of the fear of losing their position, our party, our deputies and the elected are subjected to false news and slanders almost every day. We know very well what is being done for the survival of the seat in this country, what unimaginable lies are thrown. We know this from the blacklists they have done before.

I was embarrassed while watching the program that Soylu attended

I was really embarrassed while watching that program full of gossip and slanders, I was embarrassed in the name of journalism, on behalf of my country. Not a single journalist asked the right questions, did not examine them. He didn't say, "Why are you explaining here today?"

Soylu, who put forward the lies, has the obligation to prove otherwise, he is a slanderer

Soylu, who revealed those lies, has an obligation to prove them. Otherwise, he is a liar, he is a slanderer. Assassinating a person's reputation, resorting to hate speech, and targeting a person based on the false and unfounded statements of secret witnesses and confessors through rumors is nothing but impotence. The name of this policy is "Throw the mud, leave a mark".

Soylu, who adopts the Gulenist Movement’s method well, is assassinating our reputation

Soylu, who has adopted the Gulenist Movement’s method well, applies to reputation assassination by targeting my party and person with these methods. I never accept this.

When, on which day I went to Gare, explain with the documents; don't tell fairy tales
I ask once again: When, on what day did I go to Garê? Explain with the documentation; do not tell fairy tales to the society, to us. Hulusi Akar explained in the Parliament, when did I go to an area where even the army had difficulty entering, when did I get training, when did I show up there, and I returned?

Is there a flight from Istanbul to Gare that we do not know?

Is there a flight from Istanbul to Gare that we do not know? I must have special talents that I do not know but that Soylu knows so that I can achieve all of these in this period. 
Where is the footage that Soylu mentions?

Soylu talked about the camera footage first, where are these camera images? Where are these photos? Lying and slander should not be the job of a Minister, politics should not become so dirty. There is no camera, let's gossip about it. Someone said to someone and he said to him. He blew it into his ear, did it, and got past them.

Those who should resign are in the business of attacking us

Society is really tired of such lies and slanders. The people's problem is hunger, poverty, suicide. Imagine 7 people commit suicide in a city on the same day because of poverty, a couple commits suicide by leaving their children with a neighbor! Those who should resign are in the business of attacking us.

AKP government attacks democratic politics and Kurds whenever they get stuck

While there are so many problems, it is not actually me that is targeted through these slanders, it is democratic politics. Whenever the AKP government is stuck, it attacks democratic politics and Kurds. It is trying to extend its life with tension and polarization.

Our women's struggle will end this understanding of politics

I have been a Deputy of Ağrı for 3 terms. It is obvious what I am doing. I served as the Spokesperson for the Women's Asssembly, I was a member of the KEFEK Commission. For years I have been resisting the Turkey and Kurdish women's movement on the issue of women. I count these slanders of Soylu against all women. I am counting on our struggle for women. Our women's struggle will put an end to this understanding of politics. You will see; women's solidarity is determined to end your understanding of lumpen and mafia politics.

Will the prosecutors accept my statements here and open an investigation against Soylu?

I did not go to Gare. This is very clear. Allegations are lies and slander. Will the prosecutors, who accepted what Soylu had said and opened an investigation in a Sunday morning, accept my statements here and open an investigation against Soylu? I want to ask this too.

I will file a lawsuit against Soylu, I will spend the compensation I earned for the poor in Ağrı

I will use all my legal rights, file a criminal complaint and sue for damages. I will use the compensation I have earned for the poor children in Ağrı.

I definitely did not go to the Gare, Soylu is lying

I have been a member of parliament since 7th June 2015. I went abroad with my diplomatic passport, the places I went to are certain. The places I stay are certain. The activities I participated in are obvious. I did everything openly, I posted the events I participated in on my social media accounts. These were published in the relevant press and social media accounts of our party. This is clear. But we know very well that they are not seeking the truth. They think they can manipulate Gare incident and cover it up with propaganda. That's why they lie and slander without any shame and hesitation.

22 February 2021