The government is responsible for the tragedy in Idlib, not the refugees

The AKP government is once again using the refugees as a bargaining chip following the losses in Idlib on February 27. Saying that it can no longer hold the refugees and will open the borders, the AKP once again has showed that it’s using the refugees as a political tool and a weapon.

As a result of AKP’s attitude, the refugees have been transported to various districts of İstanbul and human traffickers got involved in the transportation process. Refugees have begun to head towards the borders of Greece and Bulgaria in extremely unhealthy and dangerous conditions both by land and sea.

Due to the intensified measures taken at the borders by Greece and Bulgaria governments, the refugees, mostly Syrian and Afghan, have been stranded between the borders in winter conditions, and some refugees have been directed to use the sea route on inflatable boats which is extremely dangerous.

AKP is trying to take the revenge of the tragedy took place in Idlib, which was essentially caused by its own sins, from the refugees. In this sense, the AKP is committing a new crime. The AKP must abandon this attitude and take steps to avoid the possible refugee deaths in the Aegean Sea and fulfill its political responsibility.

The AKP government will be responsible for the possible deaths and tragedies that could occur in this dangerous journey of the refugees who have been turned into a tool of blackmail and threat to the EU. We once again call on the AKP government to fulfill its political and humanitarian responsibilities to refugees.

Gülsüm Ağaoğlu
Spokesperson of the HDP's Commission for Migrants and Refugees 
29 February 2020