On June 7th, parliamentary elections will take place in Turkey. President Erdoğan wants to take advantage of them to reinforce his authoritarianism, to increase the infringements upon freedoms, secularity, and women’s rights, and to accentuate his policy of social regression.

This prospect is very dangerous because it could call into question the peace process initiated by Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK and could also consolidate support from Ankara for Jihadist groups with an aim of breaking, in particular, the autonomy of Rojava in Syria.

A part of the Turkish society won’t give in to this possibility. In the wake of the Gezi Movement and success of the HDP in the presidential election of 2014, many of them intended to open up the way for democratisation, for social and ecological progress, and for the recognition of the rights of minorities.

Taking account of the particularly unjust Turkish electoral law which requires parties to reach 10% on average in the whole of the national territory to obtain representatives at the National Assembly, to cross this threshold for the HDP would constitute a victory and an immense hope of peace for the people of Turkey and the Middle East.

It is the objective that HDP set for this term and we wish them all success.

This Saturday, May 2, a delegation of PCF, carrying a message of solidarity from Pierre Laurent, will take part in the meeting of the HDP at Republic Place in Paris, to express the support of PCF for the HDP candidates and its copresident Selahattin Demirtaş.