Tweets from Demirtaş on Erdoğan's claims on Kobani protests

Our presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş has responded Erdoğan's claims about the 6-8 October Kobani protests through his Twitter account (@hdpdemirtas). Please find below English translation of his tweets. 

1- ERDOĞAN’S LIES ON KOBANE PROTESTS:Please read carefully and see what kind of mindset we are up against.

2- The violence and provocations in Kobani protests did not start on October 5th and 6th, but on October 7th, right after Erdogan said "Kobani is about to fall.” After this statement deaths began.

3- There is not a single investigation neither against me, nor the HDP in terms of the Kobani protests.

4- The number of people murdered in Kobani protests is 43, not 53. Six of them were supporters of HUDAPAR, two security officers who were assassinated, two Syrian refugees and thirty-three HDP supporters. Apart from the deaths six HUDAPAR supporters, there is not a single effective investigation into the murder of those people.

5-Kobani protests happened on 7 October 2014, 8 months before the elections, not after the 7 June 2015 elections, as Erdogan said.  

6- In the following 5 months amid the Kobani protests, we continued negotiations with Erdoğan and the AKP within the peace process. In other words, Erdogan continued to talk to us, whom he has labelled as terrorists now, for five months.

7- Twelve parliamentary motions we have proposed to reveal the provocators and instigators behind the Kobani protests were rejected by the votes of AKP in the parliament.  

8- Erdoğan doesn’t care about Yasin Börü or others who were killed. Erdoğan does not hesitate exploiting these deaths for his benefit. That’s why he only brings them up before the elections.

9- Just like Yasin Börü, Ekrem Karaçoğlu and Musa Bayram were lynched to death on camera in Gaziantep and İzmir. However, the perpetrators were never found. Erdogan does not even know these people’s names. Because these people were HDP supporters.

10- What upsets Erdoğan is not the violently murdered citizens, but the defeat of ISIS in Kobani.

11- About the Kobani protests, Efkan Ala, himself, said that some governors and security officers disobeyed the commands of the government. These people were arrested after 15 July for links to the coup. However, none of them have been investigated for the Kobani protests.

12- Erdoğan is politically responsible for the Roboski Massacre, the death of Berkin, Ceylan, Uğur, and the Kobani protests. He continues to slander and blame me with nasty lies to conceal his responsibility.

13- If you have the courage, either come to the prison and we’ll discuss this, or I’ll get out and respond to you in rallies. But in any case, you’ll receive the clearest answer from people on 24 June.

14- Mr. Muharrem İnce visited Erdogan right after he visited me in prison. Erdogan didn’t blame me or Mr. İnce neither during İnce-Erdogan meeting nor two weeks after it.

15- The slander campaign against me started when Erdoğan received the first poll results which were made after the candidates started their rallies. So again, Erdogan's sorrow is not for Yasin Börü but for the results of the polls.

16- Ey Erdogan! Here is the biggest opportunity in your political life. If you share the so-called "order for the slaughter of 53 people" that you claim to have been made by me as Selahattin Demirtas under this tweet until 24 June, I will withdraw from the race in your favor.

17- Maybe you could find the so-called order that the prosecutors in your command have been searching for four years. If you can’t find it until 24 June, the people will give you an exit ticket. Maybe, you can use it as a diploma.
Selahattin Demirtaş
Presidential Candidate of HDP
Edirne Prison
11 June 2018