Tweets from Demirtaş on his daily election campaign in the prison

English translations of twitter messages from our presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş on his daily election campaign from the prison where he is being held:

Today, a plane flew over us. I waved. The passengers gathered in the plane windows, and waved back at me: “Look, it’s Demirtaş!” I shouted back at them: “If I get elected, we won’t charge any tax on the fuel used by farmers!”

Dear Supreme Electoral Council, I wonder if this propaganda I am carrying out by using the facilities of a state prison violates election laws? After all, you are so sensitive about justice (!)

A new prison is being built next to us. I called over to the construction workers: “If I’m elected, we will abolish insecure, illegal labor and subcontracting. There will be no work-related murders, working hours will be reduced. The minimum wage will be 3,000 TL. We won’t let anyone usurp workers’ rights”

I continued: “We won’t build prisons in Edirne, but more schools and hospitals.” I don’t know if they heard me, but the construction site fell silent for a while. And for a minute, the world became a better place.

Dear diary, I will shortly attend a rally to complete my election work for today. The only participant of my rally is Mr. Abdullah [Zeydan, HDP MP, and Demirtaş’s cell-mate], I’m worried he’ll short-circuit from overload :)

26 May 2018