Unilateral agreements cannot establish peace in the Middle East

It is obvious that the Israeli-Palestinian agreement plan, which the US President Donald Trump described as the "Deal of The Century," does not have the quality to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that has been continuing for more than half a century. The so-called "deal of the century" is a slap to Palestine and means a re-occupation of it.

Even the way the plan was announced to the world - together with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - reveals its unilateral nature. 

Accepting Jerusalem as the "indivisible" capital of Israel and leaving to Israel the Palestinian territories that have been occupied by Israel in violation of international agreements and the law, this agreement plan is definitely far from offering a fair and democratic solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that is of regional and international importance. 

What is said about Jerusalem and the Masjid Al-Aqsa, the heart of Jerusalem, is unacceptable.

The fundamental condition for a lasting peace in the Middle East and for all peoples to live a free and fair life is to democratically resolve the deep-rooted problems that have become regional and global issues, especially the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

For this to happen, fair, democratic and peaceful solutions including all parties should be implemented in the contexts such as the Kurdish issue in Turkey, the civil war in Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Any unilateral solution proposal that does not take into account the rights and demands of all parties will not yield any results other than deepening existing problems.

As the HDP, we would like to emphasize that we support a fair and democratic two-state solution that would put an end to Israel's unfair and unlawful occupation of Palestinian land.

In this context, we invite all international institutions and organizations; first and foremost the United Nations, to take initiative for a more realistic, fair and democratic peace plan that takes into account the demands and suggestions of both parties.

We call upon all countries, especially the members of the Arab League, and their democratic publics to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian problem cannot be resolved by de facto occupation; it can be resolved by democratic methods and a dignified peace. We stand by the rightful and legitimate struggle of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Peoples' Democratic Party
Central Executive Board
29 January 2020