We call upon all powers who defend peace against war to take responsibility

We extend our condolences to the families of the soldiers who lost their lives during the attack that occurred in Idlib on February 27, and to the peoples of Turkey.

We know that war and armed conflict always mean pain and tears, and we once again declare that we are ready to fulfill all responsibilities on our part so that such sorrowful events do not recur.

Based on the reality that decisions to go to war and approvals to parliamentary motions to this effect lead to death and destruction, and as the only political party that voted against the recent motion in Parliament regarding war in Syria, we repeat our position and express our sadness that our warnings have not been taken into account. 

We once again state that dialogue and negotiation are the most realistic way to end the tumultuous state of war in the Middle East, and to implement regional peace.

The continuing blackout, cover-up, censorship and blocking of social media platforms, imposed since yesterday's tragic incident only aim to conceal the mistake committed with the Syria motion. It is unacceptable that the government has not informed parliament while the general public has been anxiously trying to follow developments.

As the HDP we call on Parliament to hold an emergency session to ensure that the government urgently and transparently informs the public and all political parties with or without a group in Parliament. Therefore, we invite the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to convene the assembly urgently by exercising their authority.

It is still not too late to step back from mistakes that have been made to date. We call upon all parties who defend peace against war to take responsibility.

We once again wish mercy on the soldiers who lost their lives and extend our condolences to their families.

Pervin Buldan & Mithat Sancar
HDP Co-chairs
28 February 2020