Popular Unity condemns the detainment of the co-presidents and other MPs  of HDP in Turkey on unfounded charges. It is an other step in the authoritarian, totalitarian and bonapartistic slippery slope of Erdogan's government that comes to complement the “dirty war” of the Turkish Army against the Kurdish movement, the continuous persecution of journalists, left and progressive teachers and civil servants. These terrorist and authoritarian persecutions are carried out while Erdogan's regime is unfolding an extremely dangerous and adventurist foreign policy by escalating the direct military involvement in Syria and by adopting a revisionist rhetoric for the borders and the international treaties. 

Towards this dangerous, authoritarian and opportunistic policy of Erdogan's government both Tsipras' government and the EU as a whole, while chatting for democracy and rights, they remain guiltily idle towards the “grandiose” totalitarianism and expansionism. 

It is urgently needed to create the broadest solidarity movement with both the Turkish and the Kurdish people. We must counteract the cynicism and authoritarianism of governments and the barbarism of imperialistic interventions with the peoples' common struggle for democracy, freedom and peace.

Popular Unity sends a message of solidarity to the HDP's comrades, to the men and women of the party that expresses not only the legitimate demands of the Kurdish people but also the hope for democracy and social justice for Turkey's peoples. We address them by saying: “You are not alone”!