We have announced alternative economic measures against the Coronavirus

Our party's twelve-point economic program to counter the Coronavirus was announced by vice co-chair Garo Paylan. Paylan held a presser at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey yesterday.

Our proposal for "Economic Measures Against the Coronavirus":

1. All rents should be suspended during the pandemic spread. 
2. All credit payments to banks should be suspended during pandemic spread. 
3. Electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet services must be free during the spread of the disease. 
4. Job cuts and layoffs must be banned. All support to small and medium enterprises should be accordingly conditioned. 
5. Businesses which have terminated operations should provide employees with paid leave, all tax incomes taken from the workers should be covered by the state. 
6. 50% of the wages of workers should be paid by employees with the other 50% covered by the state up to the amount of 3,000TL. 
7. The Unemployment Insurance Fund should directly provide the unemployed with income support. 
8. The damage incurred by self-employed people should be covered. Rent and tex should be suspended during the pandemic. 
9. Farmers' subsidies should be paid immediately. Loan repayments should be suspended immediately. 
10. Student loan repayments should be suspended immediately. 
11. The lowest monthly pension should be 2,400TL. 
12. Low-earning women who are day-workers, home workers and/or lone parents should be provided with direct income support. 

Unveiling the HDP's proposal Paylan also said following:

Dear friends, with this proposal employees, the unemployed, small and medium business and low-earners will be protected. The jobs of our lowest earning citizens will be protected. Rents, bills and loan repayments should be suspended, allowing people to redirect resources to food, health and sanitary products during the pandemic. The state needs to fulfil its constitutional responsibility and protect its citizens. Without further delay, the fundamental needs of the most defenceless in our society must be catered for. 

We call upon the Parliament of Turkey and all political actors to take responsibility during this time. We, as the HDP, hereby announce that we are ready to take and and all necessary steps to overcome this crisis. 

The AKP's proposals force our people to stay at home without providing them with crucial support. We need to provide for our people before we can force them to take drastic steps to counter the pandemic. To this end, we will continue our struggle in the Parliament.

25 March 2020