We refuse to recognize the hostile verdict against Leyla Güven

Press statement by our Central Executive Board:

The sentence of 22 years and 6 months in prison in the legal case in Diyarbakır against Ms Leyla Güven is the result of the applied enemy law. Güven is the co-chair of recently closed Democratic Society Congress (DTK). She was also HDP’s Hakkari deputy until early June 2020, when she was unlawfully stripped of her parliamentary mandate.

With this verdict, judicial organs have once again shown that they act in line with the interests of the government. This hostile decision is not only against Leyla Güven and the DTK, but also against all Kurds and the opposition.

Leyla Güven is a person of struggle who devoted her life to peace; she is a monument of honor. Neither Leyla Güven nor we will give up the struggle due to prison sentences and arrests.

Co-chaired by Leyla Güven, the DTK is a civilian, democratic institution that played a crucial role in the most critical periods for peacebuilding in these lands. DTK is an interlocutor of democratic negotiations, resolution, and peace initiatives. With this sentence the government has once again shown that it will insist on the deadlock with respect to the Kurdish issue. Criminalizing an institution like DTK with such methods is to whistle in the wind. This has been tried out dozens of times in recent history, and the result has always been the same. Our people have always responded to every attack on the struggle of Kurds for rights and peace.

We refuse to recognize this unlawful, hostile prison sentence.

Peoples' Democratic Party
Central Executive Board
21 December 2020