We shall defend HDP and keep it alive to the end…

On 28-29 March 2021, HDP Party Assembly convened for its ordinary meeting where discussions took place regarding the closure case filed against the party. The final declaration of our Party Assembly meeting as follows:

1.The people hold on to their own political will and future

During the Newroz celebrations on 21st of March 2021 which took place right after the case for the dissolution of HDP was filed, the people strongly and decisively stood by their political party and will. Crowding the meeting spaces during spectacular celebrations, millions shouted their demands for democracy, justice, peace and freedom, and for the termination of the severe isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. This shows the determination of the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy in Turkey and conveys clear messages to both the ruling and the opposition parties. The youth and the women brought their energy, enthusiasm and high spirits to the Newroz grounds and shouted their demands for freedom from the top of their lungs. Their massive participation gave all of us hope for now and for the future.

2.This is not a simple dissolution case but a sweeping operation to nullify the forces of democracy

This specific case for the dissolution of our party, the HDP is different than the previous cases filed against the political parties to which we succeeded. More than anything, this bitter attack is part of a plan that aims to completely wipe the Kurdish political movement off democratic politics. The case for the dissolution of HDP takes the final steps towards the maintenance of traditional politics of denial against the Kurds on the one hand, and towards the institutionalization of the Presidential Palace-centred regime and fascism in the country on the other. This dissolution case is the extension of the regime’s hostility against the Kurds and the continuation of the politics of ruling through the trustees. This is not a legal but a politically motivated case.

This dissolution case is a bitter attack directed against the Kurdish political movement that the HDP has embodied and against the united struggle of the forces of labour, peace and democracy in Turkey around the topics of Kurdish issue in particular and democracy, labour, ecology and freedom of belief. This case is a bitter attack against whomever demands equality and justice. It is a bitter attack against the objective of a common homeland, a democratic republic and co-existence.

Its policies and organizational structure make the HDP a party of and for women and this attack to nullify the party is a blow aimed at women’s struggle for equality and freedom, their gains so far and their will. This is the same totalitarian, racist, sexist and patriarchal mindset that unlawfully withdrew from the Istanbul Convention. The political determination which the women demonstrated in their struggle to counter violence against women, femicides, abuse and rape, shall stand strongly against the attacks that target our party as well.

3.Together we shall nullify the nullification operation itself

Standing at a severe and full-fledged political and economic dead-end, the AKP-MHP ruling block established a strict domination over the judiciary and manipulated it to file this dissolution case. This political engineering and their plans for a snap election via the destruction of all democratic gains will surely fail.

Thanks to the strength of our tradition of historical resistance and struggle, and to the support of millions of people, our party shall decisively stand on its course, spoil that ugly plot and pass this honourable heritage of struggle to the future. Let it not be forgotten that history is made and written by the people and by their struggle for equality, freedom and justice.

The HDP shall decisively stand on its course. Our party is more than a collection of buildings and individuals. The HDP is the embodiment of the philosophy of democracy and freedom struggle that survived thanks to the heavy prices paid so far and thus developed firm and deep roots into the ground. The HDP is the bright future of Turkey, a beacon held into the heart of darkness. The HDP is Turkey’s only hope for peace. It is the voice and the word of social conscience.

This move to ban the HDP will be frustrated thanks to the united struggle of our people and the forces of democracy. As the space and the means of the united struggle of the people, different faiths, youth, women, workers, labourers, pensioners, shopkeepers, farmers and all of the oppressed, the HDP shall get bigger and continue to be Turkey’s hope for the future.

4.This is a call to the millions of people, to the peoples of Turkey…

In the face of this case to dissolve the HDP, the Assembly of our Party, to protect and nurture the key role and the will that our Party has, it authorized our Co-Chairs and Central Executive Board to mobilize all the legal and politically legitimate options to fight back.

In the face of the ruling block’s case to dissolve the HDP, our Party will respond with a spirit of democratic resistance and mobilization together with our Party Assembly in particular, our Parliamentary Group, our provincial and district organizations, Women and Youth Assemblies, and with our selfless, brave and determined people. The HDP is the people; HDP is righteous and this righteousness will give us the power and the determination we need to win.

This dissolution case against our Party targets not only the HDP but all the democratic, social and political opposition and its gains in Turkey. It is utterly obvious that the main aim is to kill the hopes of the wide sections of the opposition to put up a struggle and pacify the social and political opposition entirely.

We, therefore, invite all the forces of democracy, the democratic opposition, people of different faiths, Alewite and devout communities to take a clear and sharp stand against this operation. This is an invitation to everyone who wants peace, justice, equality and freedom. This is an invitation extended to the international democratic public.

Today is the day to stand by the HDP and its gains; this is the day to struggle for democracy, justice, rule of law, human rights and freedoms, equality and freedom. Today is the day to bravely and decisively defend the great values of humanity. Today is the day to wage a united struggle for democracy.

The HDP shall stand on its course. We shall defend the HDP and keep it alive. We shall effectively protect this philosophy and this invaluable heritage that has been entrusted to us by all the resources that kept this philosophy alive. And it shall be duly and properly handed down to the next generations.

We invite everyone, millions of people to take on this common responsibility. Our path will surely be clear and our gains big.


30 March 2021