We vehemently condemn the chemical attack in Idlib

The chemical attack that caused a large number of deaths and injuries including children brought about an agonizing massacre causing indescribable pain and suffering. We extend our condolences to the peoples of Syria.

The use of chemical weapons constitutes a crime against humanity regardless of place, time or perpetrator.

The attack led to the loss of life of a great number of people including first and foremost children: international institutions must at once determine the perpetrators, decision-makers and those responsible of this attack in both the military and political sense. Those who are responsible must be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court.

In this regard, we appeal to all international institutions to take charge of the investigation of this chemical attack. We once condemn again this inhumane attack.

An end to the war in Syria, and the meeting of all sides at a table for a democratic and peaceful political solution is the only way to prevent further harm to humanity. Whoever obstructs the establishment of a table for peace contributes to such crimes against humanity.

Peoples Democratic Party
Central Executive Board
5 April 2017