We will resist injustice!

Yesterday, I told my lawyers that in case of my absence at the hearing, it must be understood, that the only problem would be the fact that I would not accept handcuffs on my wrists in the prison wagon along the way.

I am a parliament member on duty whose parliamentary immunity is still ongoing. I represent the will of people. I find hours-long journey on prison wagon while being hand cuffed illegal and immoral.  As I did not accept wearing handcuffs, I was brought back to my cell around 4 am.  

Even on a case I am not under arrest for, I was denied of my right to fair trial.

As for my case pending trial, the hearing date and the court that I will be prosecuted, is still unclear although it has been eight months.  

We will stand up to injustice either way, and we will protect the honor of the people's will that we represent.

Selahattin Demirtaş
Peoples’ Democratic Party Co-Chair
Istanbul Deputy
7 July 2017